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Years of experience in the motor and fleet industries provide us with a unique insight to the fleet market.

Together with our business partners, we can advise and implement  innovative fleet schemes tailored to your specific requirements.

What is AFS?

AFS (Absolute Fleet Services) specialises in providing a flexible and cost effective vehicle rental solution for individuals who have decided to opt out of their company’s car scheme and accept a cash alternative.  This solution is also suitable for companies who need to provide permanent or contract staff with vehicles on a short term basis.

AFS provides a range of new vehicles, direct from the manufacturers, on a 26 or 30 weeks rental agreement.

Suppliers include Fiat, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault,  Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and others.

Click here to see our November 2005 list of vehicles.


R    A new car every 26 or 30 weeks delivered directly to the client.

R    Lower monthly costs than traditional leasing even compared against longer leasing and lower mileage terms.

R    All vehicles are supplied with RFT applicable to the length of rental.

R    All vehicles are supplied with the usual manufacturers’ warranty.

R    All vehicles are supplied with breakdown cover where included in the initial manufacturer's new vehicle warranty.

R    Special discount offers from time to time on specific vehicles.

R    No deposit required.

R    No long term financial commitment.

R    Payments are made by Standing Order.

R    The first payment is for 6 weeks rental followed by 5 further monthly payments in advance, in the case of a 26 week agreement.

R    At the end of the rental period, the vehicle is collected from the client.

So what’s the catch?

Availability of vehicle makes and models vary monthly.  We cannot guarantee the same vehicle for subsequent contracts.

All vehicles come with standard specification for the model.  Optional extras cannot be specified.

Although we will endeavour to supply the requested colour, this is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

There is no option to purchase at the end of the contract.

The vehicle must be maintained according to the manufacturers’ guidelines as specified in the vehicle handbook.

The client is responsible for all running costs, tyres, servicing etc.  Please note that most new vehicles do not require servicing for up to 12 months - well beyond the limit of our 26 or 30 weeks rental agreements.

All vehicles are inspected prior to return.  Any faults or damage must be rectified by the client prior to this inspection and made good to the satisfaction of the relevant vehicle supplier.

All vehicles must be covered by a fully comprehensive vehicle insurance policy.

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